Video & Multimedia

Visuals with a vision

Visual media are getting more popular with each day. They’re slowly becoming an integral and inseparable part of exhibition stands, concerts, live transmissions, meetings, and many more.

Want to stay on top, raise the profile of an event or make communication easier?

Then LED screens, projector or projection mapping rental is a perfect choice.

However, the equipment itself isn’t everything to create a stunning effect. You’re gonna need content to display, such as animation, visualization, video etc. And we can make it happen.

Create outstanding scenography. Don’t let others get ahead and let yourself be seen.

All Eyes on you!

Most of us are visual learners. Nowadays we’re overwhelmed by information, so it’s natural that graphic content is easier on us and our brains analyze and memorize them faster. Now you need to turn it to your advantage. We can assure you no one just walks by a big screen with engaging content. Get their attention and make communication easier.

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Unforgettable impression

Take it to the next level and give people unforgettable interaction. 

Choose our digital signage Smart Display 2.0 or just a simple touchscreen and display ads, data, presentations or interactive apps like quizzes, polls etc.

Get the attention, convince people of your high quality services and make the clients choose you.

Rent Yourself a success!

Live Streaming

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Are You looking for new solutions to reach more potential customers? 

That’s why we added Live streaming to our offer.


It’s the perfect choice for reaching your current and potential customers. It engages more than conventional posts, builds relationship with customers and promotes your brand at the same time. 


Not everyone has knowledge or equipment to do this on their own, that’s why it’s a good idea to hire professionals.


It doesn’t matter if you want to stream event, online training, conference, webinar or any other event – live streaming is a smart choice.

Everyone interested can watch your event, no matter where they are.

You can stream it on various platforms e.g. facebook, instagram, twitch, etc.