About Us

Why us?

We could try to list every event we produced since 2003, but we’ve lost count. One thing is sure, we got enough experience to face every kind of event production.
Over 15 years of experience in producing various events worldwide has led us to find the best way possible to take care of our clients. We want to give the best service that will meet our clients needs. We’re always there when you need a professional service in form of sound, lights, video or truss for your ideal event.

Our work, your peace of mind

We care about your comfort and treat every event as our own, that’s why we have 4 departments: sound, light, truss, and video. You don’t need to waste your time and resources to find everything you need.

This is how we started

If you want to know something well, you need to get to its core. In our case, the need was born from love. Our CEO Sebastian loves music, so naturally he wanted to fully enjoy it. Problem came with events where music was loud.  Quality of sound was bad and was doing a lot of harm to music.

Eventually, he decided to work with sound systems, to find the answer why increasing the volume destroys quality. He started to design and build his own speakers. He got to know sound and analyze how it works. He learned a lot for his advantage, because he knew which equipment was better.

It is widely known that music needs setting to enhance emotions. Following this trail he found people with knowledge and passion to create light and stage construction departments. It has  led to the founding of Sound & Light Service in 2003.

Join the “Trust Club”

We appreciate the trust our clients have put in us. Thanks to them we can proudly say we were part of biggest events and concerts such as: Poznań Motor Show, Orlen Warsaw Marathon, Verva Street Racing, PKO Maraton, Space of Sound, Cavaliada; Festivals: Malta, Jarocin Festival, Sunrise festival, Spring Break, Late Summer Festival and Enter Enea Music (from first edition), Joe Cocker, Genesis, Ray Wilson, Hurt, Wu-Tang Clan, Joe Bonamassa, UK Rock Legends, Papa Roach, Chris Botti and many more.


Our mission is a full service, awakening hidden emotions and making the experience stay in memory for a long time.


We want to give the best service that will meet our clients needs, thus we focus on development, introducing newer technologies and training our employees.


Legends never die, so we aim to be a part of trends and culture, providing unforgettable experiences forever and a day.