How Can Digital Signages Increase Sales?

What is Digital Signage? 

Digital Signage – integrated form of system management, which includes digital displays. It can be compared to a sign which informs its audience. Digital displays use technologies such as LCD, LED or projection screens. They are used to display multimedia content that teaches, informs and engages passersby.

Multimedia content is a form of content marketing. Screens display various types of content, such as pictures, videos, presentations, text, or apps. You can find digital signages in places where fast and effective information flow is essential. They combine the advantages of digital advertising and conventional outdoor advertising.

Benefits of marketing campaign using digital displays

  • It draws attention: It is something new and surprising for the recipients, so it draws attention more effectively and encourages customers to learn about your offer. 
  • It’s modern: Even though Digital Signages are on market for some time, they are perceived as something new. It is a form of ad that draws attention, making it a perfect tool for those who want to build an image of a progressive, innovative brand, and stand out from the competition.
  • Increases brand recognition: It leaves an unforgettable impression and makes people remember the message, so it’s an effective form of ad if you want to increase the chance that customers will choose your service.
  • Increases the sales: A lot of decisions about a purchase are made on impulse, that’s why influencing a potential customer in a critical moment, can make them choose your brand. 
  • It’s flexible: You can create any type of content you like and modify it in real time. Content can be adjusted to various situations and recipients, which can’t be done with conventional advertising. You can constantly update the information or change the content depending on the time of day, or group of the customers. This option allows you to react quickly, adjust the message and optimize the content basing on the analysis of the results.

Types of content

There are many types of content that can be used to improve communication with a customer. Here are some inspirations on how to use digital signages in your marketing campaign.

  • Polls: You can gather information about your customers without any effort, for example  ask them about their experience or opinions about your brand.
  • Opinions:  You can display positive opinions of your customers – it is a great way to improve your brand image.
  • Discounts and offers: Show your product, its price, special offers, promotions, discounts etc.
  • Your own content: Display your own content, e.g. presentations, applications, quizzes, videos or graphics. You can display whatever you think is appropriate at the moment.
  • Entertainment: Your clients are bored, but magazines and newspapers are overrated? You can entertain them in other ways: TV, cartoons, games, applications, etc.
  • Timetables: Inform about public transport timetables or you can also show important events in which schools and colleges will participate or information about exhibits in museums.
  • Showing the way: Help the customers get to their desired destination by displaying an interactive map

Important things to remember to make Your campaign successful

A few things to keep in mind, if you want to implement digital signages into your marketing strategy.

  • Good content is essential: You definitely care about the marketing strategy and content posted on the Internet – you also need to think about what you will display on the digital signage. Many brands focus on a combination of promotional and informational content, but in every case  it needs to be of value  for users. Avoid low quality displays
  • Keep your goals in mind: The success of a marketing campaign on digital displays depends mainly on planning. Consider things like: what you want to achieve, who is your audience, and  is this form of marketing fit to the rest of your strategy. 
  • Localization:  Location is a very important factor. You need to carefully analyze the places where potential customers will see your ad. 
  • Mind the exposure time: You need to keep in mind the time in which passersby are gonna see your ad, e.g. playing an ad longer than the time someone is spending in a given place is pointless. Thankfully interactive content like games or polls, you can extend the engagement time 

Well planned and implemented ads on digital signages, can be effective in results, improve sales and Your brand image. Especially in the time of pandemic it’s a safer way of communication with a customer, and can really come in handy in the time of restrictions.


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