Why us?

We could try to list every event we produced since 2003, but we’ve lost count. One thing is sure, we got enough experience to face every kind of event production. 

Over 15 years of experience in producing various events worldwide has led us to find the best way possible to take care of our clients. We want to give the best service that will meet our clients needs. We’re always there when you need a professional service in form of sound, lights, video or truss for your ideal event.

Whole world of possibilities

Our offer

Choosing Sound system rental or audio engineering services is never easy. Privately we’re event goers ourselves, so we know how important the sound is. We understand your needs, so we’ll get you perfect quality sound.

Visual effects are really powerful tools that can set the mood, enhance emotions or create an illusion.  We’ll design the lighting to create the effect you want and need. Tell us what you need and we’ll do the rest.

As stage construction is the first step of the production of a concert, so is truss for most events. It allows you to build a LED screen, place sound systems and lighting equipment, so you want it to be extra safe.

Visual media are getting more popular with each day. They’re slowly becoming an integral and inseparable part of exhibition stands, concerts, live transmissions, meetings, and many more. Want to stay on top, raise the profile of an event or make communication easier? Choose video & multimedia.


You have an idea, so now you need a plan to make it happen. We’ll create for you technical and realistic visualisation of projects from different points of view, so you can fully analyse them. 


You have a vision, but just imagination isn’t enough and you need to see this. We can create technical or realistic 3D visualizations that show even light design. It’s a first step to the best event production possible. Together we can perfect your idea, making production work easier and faster.

Projects and Visualisations

"Sound quality plays a big part in an event's success. Event goers are fast to judge and express their dissatisfaction."


Every event deserves good lighting design and production. It can create emotions, emphasise elements you want to show the most, enhance sound or set the mood. 
However, You need people who know what they’re doing. 
Check what we can do for You!

Truss & Stage Constructions

Comprehensive, fast, but meticulous

Time is money, no one likes delays. We’re fast but meticulous. We’re trusted by many artists and event promoters.

We’ll spare you a negative experience.